Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Victims of the Equitable Fire,

January 10, 1912, New-York Daily Tribune: New York, "The Victims of the Equitable Fire,"

CAMPION, John, .captain of the night watch of the Mercantile Safe Deposit Company. crushed under fallen debris.
CONDI, Giussepi. kitchen hand employed in the Cafe Savarin. address unknown; killed by jumping from roof.
FRATTA, Massena, porter. No. 225 East 56th Street; crushed by Jumping from third story.
Kitchen man in Cafe Savarin, fell back in ruins; as yet unidentified
SAZZIO. John, kitchen hand of Cafe Savarin; Jumped from roof.
WALSH. William, chief of the second Battalion, living at No. 1170 42nd Street. Brooklyn; lost in collapse of fourth floor.

BASS, Charles, captain of Engine Company 4, living at No. 509 West 160th street; burned went home.
Beck, Frank. porter employed by the Merchantile Safe Deposit Company; crushed, St. Vincent's Hospital.
BROWN, William. fireman, Engine Copany 160; fell from ladder; went home.
CARREN, Thomas. painter No. 420 East 127th street, among the spectators; leg broken by bursting hose; Hudson Street Hospital.
DEVAN, William. fireman, Engine Company 11; overcome by smoke; home
DELK, Leo, negro porter, No. 314 West 112th street; crushed and overcome by smoke; home.
DUNN, Samuel, fireman, Engine Company 107, Brooklyn; fell from scaling ladder; St. Vincent's Hospital
GIBLIN, William, president of the Merchantile Safe Deposit Company, No. 346 West 72nd street; imprisioned in vault and suffered from suffocation; Hudson Street Hospital.
GROTHER, S. patrolman, Old Slip station; back and head bruised by falling debris; home
HART, James. police lieutenant, Old Slip station; injured by falling bricks; home
HEALY, P.J., fireman, Engine Company 107, Brooklyn; fell from scaling ladder; home
JOHNSON, A., patrolman, patrolman, Old Slip station; injured by falling cornice; home
MAGNES, Thomas, patrolman, Old Slip station; cut and bruised by falling bricks; home
MANNING, Timothy P., fireman, Truck 6; acute mania from smoke and exposure; Hudson Street Hospital.
M'VEY, Daniel, engineer, Engine Company 107; legs injured by bursting hose; home.
PETERSON, Fred, watchman employed by the Mercantile Safe Deposit Company. living at No. 602 East 140th street; overcome by smoke; Hudson Street Hospital.
SHEEHAN, William, special patrolman, No. 376 West 52d street; burned about hands and face; Hudson Street Hospital.
SODDEN, Mark, machinist, No. 112 Oak Street; among spectators; leg broken, Hudson Street Hospital.

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