Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Equitable Agents Meet

January 10, 1912, New-York Daily Tribune, "Equitable Agents Meet, ,"

Nothing is going to keep an Equitable man down! No, not for one moment!

Hear of Writing of Two $150,000 Policies in Day.

Fifty or more agents of the Equitable Life Society, representing the metropolitan district, held a meeting in the Flatiron Building yesterday afternoon. When George T. Wilson, a second vice-president of the society, told the agents assembled that in the morning two $150,000 policies had been written, besides one for $30,000 and another for $25,000, there was prolonged cheering.

"There were tears in my eyes when I looked at the ruins of the building this morning," said Mr. Wilson, "but the Equitable is not for a day, but for all time. We will not lose any time. The agents of the metropolitan district wrote $25,000,000 worth of insurance last year, and they will do more this year."

Mr. Wilson said that temporarily the headquarters of the agents for this district would be in the agents for this district would be in the Flatiron Building. Cable dispatches have been sent to all foreign agents that business will not be interrupted, and similar messages have been sent to all agents throughout this country.

Immediately after the meeting it was announced that the fire will not delay the convention of agents, which is to be held here next week.

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