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Pig Survives Big Fire,

January 26, 1912, New-York Daily Tribune, "Pig Survives Big Fire,"
page 5

Found in Cage in Medical Office of Equitable.

If one could read the thoughts and feelings of a guinea pig the most vivid tale yet told about the Equitable Life fire might come from the squeaks of a mere mite of that species, which was in the very heart of the flames and destruction thta took six stronger lives than his, and yet he lives to tell the tale---only he tells it in a language no one can understand.

Men delving in the ruins of the building yesterday for the millions of wealth known to be buried there were attracted by a great commotion coming from a wire cage in the mass of wreckage that once was the medical office of the Equitable Life Assurance Society, on the third floor, on the Pine street side. Dr. Wolf, a chemist employed by the society, had gone to the office with several men to look into conditions there, when he heard a familiar voice, if the little pig's excited squeals can be so called.

He recognized an old friend immediately, for the animal had often been used in the medical department for experimental purposes. As soon as he was released, he ran about the room excitedly, his plaintive squeals for assistance being changed to sounds of joy. He had been alone and unfed for sixteen days through the flames and noise and the cold. But one of the guinea pig's strong points is the ability to go without food for many days, so that he was little the worse for his experiences, although Dr. Wolf, who took him home with him for better care, remarked that he was a wiser and sadder pig.

The pig was not the only living thing to come from the ruins yesterday. An offlce cat emaciated and scared almost to death was also found prowling among the wreckage. He was brought back to a new interest in life by hot milk and a chop.

Another curious thing to come out of the scene of sestruction was a crucifix, about four inches long, which was found by a boy in a charred heap. The flames that had burned everything else about it to cinders had done little damage to the crucifix.

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