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October 6, 1991, Declaration of Garry Lynn Scarf,

October 6, 1991, Declaration of Garry Lynn Scarf,

I, Garry Lynn Scarf, do hereby declare:

1. I was born on August 17, 1956 in Ft. Madison, Iowa. My father's name is Merritt L. Scarff. My mother's maiden name is Nadine Cox. Both my parents are still alive and live in Florida. I currently live in Portland, Oregon.

2. Sometime in 1974, I went to the Palladium Auditorium in Los Angeles, California and attended an evangelism service where Reverand Jim Jones was the featured speaker. I met and spoke with Jones at this event. I subsequently met with Jones two or three more times at his church on Alverado Street in Los Angeles.

[Born in 1956, Scarff would have been a senior in high school, or just graduated in 1974. What was he doing in LA? Did his parents also live in Southern California? It would be an odd choice then, to relocate later to Florida. The LA Peoples Temple services consisted of thousands of attendees. Did Scarff just wander in? It was fortuitous that Jones was available for a conversation with the young Scarff, let alone several more face-to-face encounters "at his church." ]

4. Shortly thereafter, I read an article about a book written by Barbara Underwood. Barbara Underwood had been a member of the Unification Church who had been deprogrammed away from the Church by Gary Scharff, who is another CAN deprogrammer with a name similar to mine, whom she later married.

[Barbara Underwood was age 26 in 1979, or approximately three years older then Scarff. She'd spent four years as a Church member, suing her parents in March 1977, along "with four other Moonies determined to fight their parents' legal attempts to win them back." What legal grounds did they have to separate the 24-year-old from the church of her choice? Like Scarff (not her husband Scarff,) she also came from Portland, Oregan, which was home to the PAC.]

Duplicate of pargraphs 22,23,24, Repeat of Scan number 8 wrongly numbered number 9


CAN convention, Pittsburg, PN, Oct./Nov. 1987

CAN member Ford Green, attorney from San Anselmo, CA, Father & grandfather both "prominent San Francisco attorneys." "Father had repeatedly sexually abused him (Ford) when he had been a child." Mother "forced him to accompany her when she attended meetings of Parent's United, a sexual abuse help group."

105. In 1988, I provided information to writers Fielding MacGee and Rebecca Moore who were writing a book entitled "A Second Look At Jonestown." I did this even after the Greeks and Cynthia Kisser, the executive dorector of CAN, instructed me not to.

106. Shortly thereafter, I was quoted in a different book, "Odyssey of New Religious Movements," by John Bierman. Bierman reiterated the facts regarding Bob Brandyberry's sexual assault upon me in Edmonton, Canada. These quotes also upset Kisser and the Greeks.

107. I was soon contacted by Ford Greene, who was then serving as Bob Branyberry's criminal defense attorney. Branyberry had been arrested in Denver, Colorado for the kidnapping and forcible deprogramming of Britta Adolfsson, a demale adult member of the Unififation Church. Greene was very upset about my quotes because Brandyberry hadn't yet stood trial on the kidnapping charges. Greene threatened to sue me for the quotes I had made. I refused to renounce the quotes because they were true. Greene never sued me.

108. I was also a confidential informant for the Denver District Attorney's office during their criminal prosecution of Brandyberry. Much to my dismay, a Denver detective named Mark Roggerman, who was also a member of CAN, found out what I had told the District Attorney's office in confidence and informed CAN officials.

109. Because of these things I was suddenly blackballed by the Greeks, Bob Brandyberry, Ford Greene, Cynthia Kisser, CAN official Ron Loomis and other members of PAC and CAN. As of September 1988, I was no longer involved in PAC, CAN or illegal deprogrammings.

I hereby declare under the penalty of perjury that the statements and information contained in this declaration are true and correct.

Signed this 6th day of October 1991, in the city of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.