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The New York Times September 13, 2001

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE SEARCH; A Few Moments of Hope In a Mountain of Rubble By DAN BARRY September 13, 2001 - By DAN BARRY - Front Page - 2216 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE TOWERS; Instincts to Flee Competed With Instructions to Remain By MICHAEL MOSS and CHARLES V. BAGLI September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 1979 words


AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE MARKETS; Bond Trading Set to Resume; Stocks Delayed By JONATHAN FUERBRINGER and ALEX BERENSON September 13, 2001 - Business - 1822 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE MOOD; A City Awakes, Only to Reflect On a Nightmare By N. R. KLEINFIELD September 13, 2001 - Front Page - 1830 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: WALL STREET; Way Beyond Any Balance Sheet, Traders Deal With Losses of the Most Painful Kind >By PATRICK McGEEHAN September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 1625 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE CENTRAL BANKS; Central Banks Inject Billions In Move to Stem Risks of Panic By RICHARD W. STEVENSON September 13, 2001 - Business - 1427 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE PENTAGON; Amid the Soot and Uncertainty, Officials Try to Portray Business as Usual By STEVEN LEE MYERS and DIANA JEAN SCHEMO September 13, 2001 - - U.S. - 1322 words

Foreign Affairs; World War III By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN September 13, 2001 - - Opinion - 1265 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: COPING; Trauma, Felt Directly or Not, Takes a Psychic Toll By ERICA GOODE September 13, 2001 -- Health - 1211 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE MISSING; Hospital Treks, Fliers and the Cry: Have You Seen . . . ? By JANE GROSS and JANNY SCOTT September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 1242 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE RECORDS; Corporate Paper Trails Lie Buried in Soot By JONATHAN D. GLATER September 13, 2001 - Business - 1210 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE TRADING FIRM; An Emblem of Concern and Anxiety DIANA B. HENRIQUES and JENNIFER 8. LEE September 13, 2001 - Business - 1233 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE GOVERNMENT; Still Reeling From Losses, New York Looks for Makeshift Solutions By ERIC LIPTON and RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑA September 13, 2001 U.S. - 1106 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE BUSINESSES; Mood of Sellers and Buyers, as Well as Purchases, Reflect the Devastating Events By BLAINE HARDEN and LESLIE KAUFMAN September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 1152 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS; Reaction From Around the World EUROPE EUROPEAN UNION -- European foreign ministers, at an emergency session in Brussels, condemned the attacks against the United States, offered help with search and rescue efforts and in fighting terrorism, and called a Europe-wide day of mourning for ... September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 1774 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: AMERICAN FLIGHT 77; A Route Out of Washington, Horribly Changed By ELAINE SCIOLINO and JOHN H. CUSHMAN Jr. September 13, 2001 U.S. - 987 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE ETHICS; News Media Try to Sort Out Policy on Graphic Images BY JIM RUTENBERG and FELICITY BARRINGER September 13, 2001 U.S. 913 words

8 Palestinians and an Israeli Settler Killed in a Surge of ViolenceBy JOEL GREENBERG September 13, 2001 - World - 829 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE ARABS; Arafat Angrily Insists Palestinians Didn't Rejoice Over Terror Attack on U.S. By JAMES BENNET September 13, 2001 - U.S. 845 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE TRAVELERS; Tighter Airport Security Will Slow Business Fliers By JOE SHARKEY September 13, 2001 834 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE METHOD; Terrorists Were Well Trained, But Not Necessarily in Flying By JAMES GLANZ September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 818 words

Essay; Inside The Bunker By WILLIAM SAFIRE September 13, 2001 - Opinion - 727 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE CONFERENCES; Gatherings Of Leaders Now a Cause For Concern By JOSEPH KAHN September 13, 2001 U.S. - 731 words

BUSINESS DIGEST Wreckage on Wall Street Is Emotional and Practical Wall Street employs about 200,000 people, enough to fill a good-sized city. But when disaster struck at its heart, it seemed more like a large extended family that had just suffered unimaginable losses an... September 13, 2001 - Business - 1198 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE PRESIDENT; Bush Labels Aerial Terrorist Attacks 'Acts of War' By KATHARINE Q. SEELYE and ELISABETH BUMILLER September 13, 2001- U.S. - 790 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE TIMING; Bush to Come To New York When Rescue Effort Eases By ELISABETH BUMILLER September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 553 words

A Symbol Was Destroyed, Not America's Financial System By FLOYD NORRIS September 13, 2001 - Business - 655 words

In This Section THE INVESTIGATION Investigators cast a worldwide net as searchers combed the rubble of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It was thought that each of the four airliners had been commandeered by groups of three to six men armed with box cutters and p... September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 651 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS; Partial List of Passengers on United Airlines Flight 175 Following is a partial list of those killed on Tuesday on United Airlines Flight 175, which was bound from Boston to Los Angeles and which crashed into the World Trade Center: CREW SARACINI, Victor J., 51, Lower Makefield Township, Pa., captain HORROCKS, ... September 13, 2001 - 466 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: THE HUNT; Trying to Find A Name On a List Of the Living By BARBARA STEWART September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 494 words

Daniel Lewin, Technology Executive, 31 By SETH SCHIESEL September 13, 2001 -Business - 460 words

Lisa J. Raines, 42, a Lobbyist for Biotechnology By ANDREW POLLACK September 13, 2001- Business - 437 words

Barbara Olson, 45, Advocate And Conservative Commentator By NEIL A. LEWIS September 13, - U.S. - 669 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: VOICES; Fellow Americans Opening Hearts, Wallets and Veins By PETER T. KILBORN September 13, 2001- U.S. - 437 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS; Enormous TV Audience Peaked With Bush Talk The coverage of the terrorist attacks in Manhattan and in the Washington area brought tens of millions of Americans to television sets throughout Tuesday, peaking with President Bush's address to the nation, which reached about 80 million viewers, according... September 13, 2001 - U.S. - 282 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS: VOICES; 'Worse Than Pearl Harbor,' And the Words Ring True By JACQUES STEINBERG September 13, 2001- U.S. - 230 words

The Expression of Grief and the Power of Art By BRUCE WEBER September 13, 2001- Arts- 197 words

THEATER; A Rending Scream That Spoke for All By BEN BRANTLEY September 13, 2001 - Arts - 704 words

AFTER THE ATTACKS; Group Suspends Protest in Oregon Protesters withdrew from the head gates of the Klamath Project irrigation system today, saying they did not want to cause more problems for the federal government in the wake of terrorist attacks on the East Coast. ''We made an agreement with them that in... September 13, 2001 -184 words

A Numbing Search, and a Yearning for Answers; Beyond Retaliation To the Editor: Re ''An Unfathomable Attack'' (editorial, Sept. 12):... September 13, 2001 - Opinion - 145 words

A Numbing Search, and a Yearning for Answers; Explaining Evil To the Editor: The attack on our country on Tuesday (front page, Sept. 12) is a true example of the evil that exists in our world.... September 13, 2001 - Opinion- 180 words

Helping the Victims At a time of great tragedy, many of us yearn to help and feel the frustration that comes with not being able to find a way to lend a hand. The lines of people offering to give blood and the crowds trying to volunteer stand as tributes to this, the best of... September 13, 2001 - Opinion - 286 words

A Numbing Search, and a Yearning for Answers; The Diverse Victims To the Editor: When they add up the tally of victims from these vicious attacks on civilians (front page, Sept. 12), it will be sadly ironic the number of nationalities, cultures and religions that are represented.... September 13, 2001 - Opinion - 141 words

BASEBALL; Stadiums Are Empty as Athletes Take a Timeout By MURRAY CHASS September 13, 2001 - Sports - 1408 words

SPORTS HISTORY; In Times of Crisis, Debates About Whether to Play Games By RICHARD SANDOMIR September 13, 2001 - Sports - 1096 words

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