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Colgate Clock October 26, 2006

The Colgate Clock is an octagonal clock in Jersey City, promoted as being the largest clock in the entire world. It is situated in front of the site of the former headquarters of consumer products conglomerate Colgate-Palmolive, which until the 1980s was based out of Jersey City. It is fifty feet in diameter, faces the Hudson River, and is clearly visible from Manhattan's west side.

The current Colgate Clock was built in 1924 to replace an earlier, smaller clock designed by Colgate engineer Warren Day and constructed by the Seth Thomas Clock Company for the centennial of the Colgate Company in 1906. That clock, second only in size to its replacement, was relocated to a Colgate factory in Clarksville, Indiana.

As of 2005, the Colgate Clock stands on an otherwise empty lot; all of the other old buildings in the complex were razed in 1985, when Colgate left New Jersey. There are currently plans to move the clock, 100 meters away from the Goldman Sachs Tower, in order to use the lot it stands upon for other purposes. The construction of that Tower in the early 20004 forced a minor relocation southward to its current location, and a significant reduction in the size of the Colgate advertisement attached to it.

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