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NBC Sept. 11, 2001 9:12am -9:54am-10:36am

NBC 9:12am

01:13 (9:13am) Eyewitness Dan Dietrich said he saw two planes from 7th Ave & Charles St., 32 blocks north of the WTC

04:56 Bob Kerr reporting from the North Lawn of the White House. No unusual law enforcement presence or activity there.

06:13 Jim Miklaszewski is at the Pentagon. Intelligence sources say "no specific threat," no scrambled aircraft

08:37 Back to the White House Bob Kerr Investigation "President has authority"

09:26 Back to Jim Miklaszewski at the Pentagon protect NY from further attacks by air.

10:27 (9:22am)David Gregory from Longboat Key with the President. He will make a quick statement and then depart for Washington.

11:02 NY area airports have all been closed. The Lincoln tunnel has been closed

11:12 back to Jim Miklaszewski at the Pentagon

13:47 (9:26am) Katie "I just want to read this Reuters wire, Two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center. On Tuesday morning, causing huge explosions and killing at least six people. CNBC TV said that there were at least a thousand injured. The AP reported the FBI said it was "foul play and not an accident." That was reported by ABC. Person who answered the phone at Canter Fitzgerald said we're dying up here.

14:30 Katie continuing to read: Nick Fulton an eyewitness said just before the first explosion he saw a plane fly over his apartment in the Soho district of lower Manhattan.

14:42 Jamie Gangel is on the telephone "that this was clearly terrorist related, no question about it, they couldn't give any further details."

17:17 (9:29am) let's go to President Bush to 18:37

19:12 We're going to go to Andrea Mitchell now, one of the planes was a hijacked American Airlines planes from Boston to Los Angeles "no specific terror alert that the administration was aware of."

21:20 (9:34am) lets go to NBC's Jim Miklaszewski: senior military officials describe the plane as Flight 11

22:30 (9:36am) Larry Johnson terrorism expert, former deputy director of the State Department's office on Counter-terrorism

24:50 Larry Johnson: I was at National and it was shut down

26:19 (9:38am) Jim Miklaszewski has some new info. "I don't want to alarm anybody, but apparently, I felt, a few moments ago that there was an explosion of some kind here at the Pentagon. We're on the E-ring of the Pentagon, we have a window that faces out towards the Potomac, toward the Kennedy Center. We haven't been able to see or hear anything after the initial blast. I just stepped out into the hallway. Security guards were herding people out of the building. And I saw just a moment ago when I looked outside, a number of construction workers who had been working here have taken flight they are running as far away from the building as they can right now. I hear no sirens going off in the building, I see no smoke, but the building shook for just a couple of seconds, the windows rattled and security personnel are doing what they can momentarily to clear this part of the building. Again, I have no idea if it was part of the construction work, whether it was an accident or what is going on. We're going to try to find those details and get them to you as soon as possible. But interestingly enough, one intelligence official here in the building said, when he saw what appeared to be the coordinated attack on the World Trade Center, his advice was to stay away from the outside of the building today, just in case. Now again, nobody has any indications of exactly what happened, but it appears there has been some kind of---it felt like a small blast of some kind. Again, the windows shook, the building shook, the windows rattled, and people---I'm looking out the window now, and the construction workers are still keeping a good---I'm sorry---the construction workers are still keeping a good distance from what I can see, and I can see no other extracurricular activity right outside, but to get more information I'm going to have to break away and walk down the hallway and see what it is exactly what happened here just a few moments ago." 28:32

28:38 we're going to go back to David Gregory, Bush will immediately convene a national security meeting

29:17 (9:42am) I'm sorry to interrupt you David, but we're looking at live pictures of the Pentagon where there is billowing smoke

29:29 (9:42am) Jim Miklaszewski "it appears that a bomb was detonated at the heliport."

31:51 (9:44am) Katie: "we are hearing that it was a plane of some kind."

32:35 (9:45am) We're looking at the White House Mick, because we are learning that there have been some evacuations from the White House. I assume they are evacuating the Pentagon?

Jim Miklaszewski: Well, ha, ha, no one has given us the official word yet, but I think that is probably a safe bet.

33:46 We're going to go to Matt who is talking with Jamie Gangel

33:55 (9:46am) Matt and Tom Brokaw appear in studio. Gangel: "US intelligence sources are confirming that one of the flights was a hijacked American flight from Boston to Los Angeles. Buildings in DC are in a 'heightened state of alert.'"

Matt: It's 9:47am recap

35:45 (9:48am) Tom: There's a report on Dubai television DFLP claim of responsibility

37:40 (9:50am) Tom: This is a major development. The FAA has shut down all air traffic nationwide.

38:15 Katie: Lets go to James Kallstrom, the former director of the FBI here in New York City. "What an incredible tragedy," Kallstrom says

40:12 (9:52am) Back to Jim Miklaszewski at the Pentagon. "My colleague Chris Brown, here at the Pentagon, encountered some of those who survived whatever it was, whether it was a bomb or an airplane crashing into the Pentagon. One of the survivors who reportedly had serious lacerations, was on the second floor of the D-ring, that is one ring inside of the outer ring of the Pentagon, when suddenly there was this horrific blast and he said the second floor buckled upward, and the third floor above him actually collapsed downward. The scene on the other side of the building as its being described to us, there are people being removed on stretchers. Security forces are evacuating the building right now, and according to officials here at the Pentagon, they still don't know exactly what it was, but as you reported Katie, eyewitnesses reported it was in fact a plane that crashed into the Pentagon.
41:41 End

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00:41 Jim Miklaszewski: "A large number of people being cited as removed on stretchers."

00:38 Matt: To Bob Kerr at the White House. "We understand that building has now been evacuated?" "As soon as word came of the "Pentagon incident" we were rather forcibly removed from the White House."

01:22 (9:55am) Bob Kerr: "And in the most surreal of this morning's scenes here at the White House, a white plane, a very big jet, was flying an unusual pattern, ah, near the White House over Lafayette Park, very slowly it made one circle and then ah, we have not seen it since. ah, there was a lot of concern about what that plane might be, but again, it's only speculation, but most people say that since flights have been cleared from US airspace and it was a totally white plane, it looked unusual to all of us, that it was a government plane of some kind."

2:00 Katie: We should point out that we are looking at pictures, Bob, of the World Trade Center, because all of the camera crews have been evacuated from the White House as well.

2:50 (9:57am) Katie: "A senior official from the radical Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine denied on Tuesday the group had any connection to the plane crash. An anonymous caller had told television that it was behind the crash quote, I emphasize the story released on television by an anonymous person is totally incorrect, said Tacer Kolet (ph), a senior official from the DFLP politburo in the Palestinian territories, told Reuters. The DFLP is against hijacking planes and against endangering civilians who are not connected with the struggle of this region, he said."

4:36 (9:59am) We see film of the tower beginning to crumble.

4:42 Matt interrupts Katie: Lets go back, we just saw a live picture of what seemed to be, we saw a portion of the building falling away, if we can rerack that.

6:00 Katie: Here we have somebody on the scene. Matt: Here's "a reporter here in New York from WNBC," but we don't cut to him.

6:25 (10:00am) Tom: I heard one eyewitness say that over Washington Square, which is in the lower reaches of Manhattan, he saw a plane go over at about 1000 feet, apparently the American Airlines flight, and then do what he describes as a sharp right turn right towards the World Trade Center, he then lost sight of it.

7:14 Katie: These pictures are beyond belief.

7:17 (10:01am) Tom: "We have a report that the second plane may have flown out of Newark New Jersey, this is an official who was speaking on the condition of anonymity, again there is no confirmation of that, we just know that there were two planes that went in, the first plane was an American Airlines flight from Boston to Los Angeles."

7:43 Katie; I just want to interrupt you Tom, for two seconds, because apparently Jamie Gangel has some more information for us, Jamie?

7:46 (10:02am) Jamie: "I've spoken again with US officials with access to the highest intelligence and they are now confirming that it does appear that at the Pentagon it was a plane. Again, they are saying now they believe a third plane was involved at the Pentagon."

8:56 Katie: Lets go to our State Department correspondent Andrea Mitchell,

9:00 (10:03am) Andrea Mitchell: "Well, this from the FBI: the State Department has been evacuated. There was a meeting going on in the operations center. Other top officials were in the situation room at the White House. Colin Powell is in Bogotá, Columbia, on a two-day trip. But this very interesting information, Katie, Matt and Tom, from the FBI: They have been operating a massive exercise from their hostage rescue unit, all of their top teams, about 50 personnel, helicopters, equipment, were in Monterrey California for the last two days, scheduled to fly back today commercially. So all those people are out of place, it's fair to say, according to sources we've talked to here at NBC, that the FBI rescue operation and other operations are really in chaos right now because they can't reach their officials in New York. All of their phone lines are down and now you've got all their special experts on this stuck in Monterrey California, trying to get a military flight back because there are no longer commercial flights, so they are seriously out of pocket and there is a real breakdown of the FBI anti-terror coordination team, which is of course the principal team that would lead any effort and was so effective under Jim Kallstrom in New York City during the World Trade Center bombing, and the TWA explosion , which of course, turned out to be, not to be terror."

Katie: "Is the State Department taking this claim of responsibility from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine seriously? Are they giving any credence to that, or are they dismissing it, or how do they feel about who might have been responsible for this?"

10:31 (10:04am) Andrea Mitchell: "I think it is far too early for them, even the best experts in the government to figure this out. They have one instant reaction, as you know, and it could be wrong, but their immediate reaction in a case like this would be to look toward Osama bin Laden and the collateral groups connected to him, simply because he has proved with the embassy bombings in Africa that he is the one terror leader who is capable of this kind of highly coordinated attack. The bombs went off in Tanzania and in Kenya almost simultaneously, it was extraordinarily well coordinated. They proved their case to a jury effectively and have manage to develop a great deal of information from sources, in fact, turning some former members of his network. So they believe Tom that he is the most likely person but it is far too early to say anything."

11:24 (10:06am) Tom: "We want to tell you that American Airlines has confirmed that one of its flights, American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston's Logan Airport, scheduled to go to LAX, that left at 8am this morning, 45 minutes later it was diverted in the World Trade Center, it was the airline that was involved, and we can only assume on a popular flight like that it probably had a capacity load of passengers and crew onboard. There was a hijacking, that was the first plane involved, we don't know about the second plane yet, nor do we know the origins of a third plane that deliberately flew itself into the Pentagon this morning, near the heliport. NBC's Jim Miklaszewski now has been forced to evacuate that building, so we'll have to wait until we hear from him."

12:37 Katie: Lets go to Bob Bazell who is at Saint Vincent's hospital.

14:43 Matt: When a building of that size falls, it does not fall into its own footprint.

16:25 Matt: Mina Catheria (ph) is with the Today Show and she apparently saw the collapse of one of those towers, Mina? She is at the corner of Duane and West Broadway."They were sort of blocking off the street and now what they're doing is totally clearing out the area."

17:46 (10:12am) Katie: Jamie Gangel, our national correspondent: "Katie, as you well know, buildings around town are being evacuated, The State Department has been evacuated. The White House has been evacuated, and the Pentagon has been evacuated. Intelligence officials tell me that they do believe at the Pentagon that that was a third plane going down. They have had---the intelligence sources that I've talked to say---they have not received any claim of responsibility yet."

20:00 (10:14am) Katie: "It looks like a movie frankly, because this is unfolding it combines the horror of the TWA Flight 800 bombing and the Murrah Federal Building, because it's both of these incidents, of course, coming together in the most horrific way."

21:05 Local DC affiliate breaks in with coverage.

21:16 As you can see Megan McGrath is live at the Pentagon, from Columbia Pike very near the Pentagon. Megan what can you tell us about the latest happenings there?

(Charet says 10:16am) 21:40 Megan: The news team was on I395 when they heard a huge boom and saw this huge fireball rise from the Pentagon, We knew immediately that something terribly wrong had happened

Megan: 22:26 (10:16am) I have an eyewitness here (22:23 breaks back into New York coverage briefly until 22:32) this morning, when she saw what happened, can you tell me, you say you saw a plane strike the side of the Pentagon. Tell me exactly what you saw.

Isabel James: 22:41 (10:17am) I saw a plane going down, big plane, commercial liner type, going down, full speed and just inside the side of the Pentagon. Obviously it was going in the Pentagon purposely. And we were driving down Columbia Pike and it just flew right over us, as I said, full speed, and I told my husband, "Its going in the Pentagon. It's going in the Pentagon." And then we heard a huge crash, saw this fireball, and flame, and smoke, and...

Megan: So you actually saw the plane impact the side of the building?

Isabel: Yes I did.

Megan: Just one plane?

Isabel: Just one plane.

Megan: Tell me a little bit about the size of the plane. Did you see any commercial markings? Any markings at all on the plane?

Isabel: I didn't see any marking because it was, we just saw the underneath portion of it. So, it, as I just said, it was going full speed, so, we, we didn't have time to really see anything, plus with the trees, maybe if I could have looked at it longer I would have seen something, but with the trees there, the tree line, we didn't see any type of marking. But it was a big plane, maybe 737, my husband said 747 but I'm not positive, I don't know for sure, but it was big, definitely the type of plane you get on when you want to fly to LA or wherever.

Megan: Now, we've been here probably about the same length of time you have, I have heard a total of three booms, that initial boom and then three less-large booms, but booms nonetheless. Have you heard the same thing?

Isabel: Yes, I did, I did. Um, smaller explosions, inside the building, maybe some gas lines exploding I don't know, but we heard the other explosions, um, I don't see any other smoke anywhere so I suppose it's from inside the building.

Megan: OK. Isabel James. Thank you very much for joining us. 24:35

26:59 (10:20am) Back to you. Thanks very much Megan.

27:05 (10:21am) "Apparently a portion of the Pentagon has collapsed according to the Associated Press. Also, according to the Associated Press this morning, there is a report that General Richard Meyers the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said that prior to the crash into the Pentagon, military officials had been notified that another hijacked plane was heading from the New York area to Washington. He said, he assumed, the hijacked plane from New York to Washington was the one that hit the Pentagon. But as you can see, a portion of the Pentagon has collapsed, very dramatic picture."

27:37 Meanwhile, all government buildings have been evacuated

27:46 Barbara: Lets go to Cheryl Johnson who is with Metro, who can tell us what these events, what kind of effect they've had on Metro trains and buses.

28:18 (Scenes of medical triage in the cloverleaf area are displayed behind Johnson's commentary, with color coordinated tarps on the ground and an E-Z-Up shade tent.)

29:40 (10:24am) Barbara: (Interrupting Cheryl Johnson) "Excuse me Cheryl, we are just getting a report from the Associated Press that a car bomb has exploded outside of the State Department. We are just hearing this from the Associated Press---a car bomb exploding outside the State Department here in Washington. We have no details on that, but we'll bring them to you as soon as they come in to us. Let's go back to Megan McGrath who is near the Pentagon off of Columbia Pike.

31:23 Back to you in the studio.

31:42 Joe: Once again, the latest news is, that we have received word from the Associated Press that a car bomb has exploded outside of the State Department, that according to senior law enforcement officials, quoted by the Associated Press.

31:57 Joe: And now we're going to go to Jerry Edwards with Metro traffic control

34:15 (10:28am) Joe: Pentagon officials are evacuating everyone from the area there according to the Associated Press because they fear another plane could be on route to the Pentagon

34:20 (10:28am) Barbara: Senior law enforcement officials say a car bomb has exploded outside of the State Department, that from the AP, we're just getting,

34:37 Barbara: We have just heard that the second tower has collapsed in New York City. The second World Trade Tower has just collapsed in New York, we are looking at a live picture there. The first one collapsed about an hour ago now, and now the second apparently has done the same.

35:33 Katie: "We are back at 10:30 Eastern time on this Tuesday morning, this horrific, incredible, not-to-be-believed Tuesday morning. You are looking at live pictures of the World Trade Center where just a few minutes ago, the last minute actually, the second twin tower collapsed."

37:23 Tom: "There is an unconfirmed report of a car bomb at the State Department. We have not been able to pin that down, there is another, Jim was told, there is an unconfirmed report of another air hijacking. At the Pentagon, all people were told to take cover just minutes ago, but Jim said the skies were clear."

Katie: Another unconfirmed report of another plane hijacking with a plane heading for Washington

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