Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Associated Press 'Breaking News' Wire Related to Terrorism on September 11th, 2001

8:48am - Plane crashes into World Trade Centre
8:55am - Explosion at World Trade Centre
9:08am - Second plane crashes into World Trade Centre
9:14am - Plane crashes may have been on purpose
9:27am - Fears plane crashes were acts of terrorism
9:29am - Bush: Disaster is 'an apparent terrorist attack'
9:36am - Bush to meet with security chiefs
9:41am - Pentagon evacuated due to fire
9:47am - Reports of helicopter crashing into Pentagon
9:52am - Terrorist threats made against the White House
9:59am - Third explosion at World Trade Centre
10:02am - Part of second tower collapses
10:05am - Conflicting reports over those responsible for crashes
10:11am - Large airliner crashes into the Pentagon
10:27am - Straw offers US help to catch terrorists
10:30am - Second tower collapses
10:32am - Both towers down after plane crashes
10:35am - Car bomb explodes at State Department
10:38am - 747 down in Pennsylvania
10:39am - Pentagon collapses
10:42am - Car bomb explodes in Washington
10:44am - Hijacked plane heading for Washington
10:45am - Speculation Osama Bin-Laden responsible for attack
10:50am - Hijacked plane had 168 passengers
10:56am - UK and Israel evacuate prominent buildings
11:03am - Car bombing outside of State Department
11:05am - Second aircraft hits Pentagon
11:07am - US closes germ warfare defense laboratory
11:10am - Palestinian Leader condemns US terrorist attacks
11:11am - Thousands feared dead in US terror strikes
11:15am - Witnesses tell of horror at New York carnage
11:17am - Pentagon in state of collapse
11:19am - Chicago buildings closed
11:20am - Government issues helpline number
11:24am - Aircraft can carry up to 300
11:28am - Pittsburgh plane may have been shot down
11:30am - Airlines across the world cancel flights
11:33am - Second attack plane took off at Newark
11:35am - Pennsylvania plane was headed for Camp David
11:42am - Taoiseach and Tanaiste condemn attacks on US
11:43am - Islamic Jihad may be responsible
11:45am - World watches in horror as terror unfolds United States
11:52am - United Airlines confirms plane lost
11:55 am - Palestinians celebrate in the streets
11:59am - United Airlines concerned about fourth plane
12:02pm - US closes border with Mexico
12:27pm - Appeal for calm as phone lines jam
12:27pm - 110 people on two United Airlines flights
12:35pm - Taliban ambassador sympathises
12:42pm - Trimble: Terrorist attack "utterly appaling"
12:45pm - 50 aircraft still in American skies
12:49pm - Bin Laden warned three weeks ago of attacks
12:59pm - Ahern calls for 'global solidarity' in face of terrorism
1:07pm - Bush resolves to 'hunt down' terrorists
1:23pm - Shares plummet after US attacks
1:23pm - McAleese expresses horror at US attacks
1:27pm - Third building on verge of collapse
1:33pm - Markets lose £67bn in one day
1:35pm - Pentagon security to be improved
1:40pm - Fighter jets patrolling skies after Pentagon attack
1:41pm - Ireland reacts to US terrorist attack
1:42pm - Location of second United Airlines plane unknown
1:46pm - Taliban rulers condemn attacks on US
1:49pm - New Yorkers speak of horror and loss
2:26pm - Russia puts troops on alert
2:27pm - America reeling in horror and shock
2:28pm - All planes now landed
2:37pm - Trade Centre Victims Stream to Hospitals
2:41pm - World Trade Disaster: Chronology of terror
2:44pm - Blood Centre issues plea for donations
3:12pm - Terrorists ‘flew the planes themselves’
3:15pm - Taliban protests bin Laden’s innocence
3:20pm - Japan backs US anti-terrorist drive
3:23pm - Cowen cuts short Middle East trip
3:44pm - Team of rescue experts on standby in Britain
3:57pm - Spectre of 'World War Three' raised
3:59pm - World Trade Centre building ablaze
4:12pm - US forces on alert around the world
4:52pm - US on coast-to-coast alert
5:00pm - Muslims worry about backlash
5:05pm - Hijack passenger rang husband from plane
5:11pm - Sharon offers condolences
5:29pm - World Trade Centre building number seven collapses
5:35pm - They will never kill democracy - Powell
5:41pm - Explosions rock Kabul
6:01pm - All flights grounded until noon Wednesday
6:26pm - Explosions in Kabul not US strike
6:36pm - Casualty figures available as soon as possible
6:54pm - Bush arrives back at White House
6:58pm - Northern Alliance responsible for Kabul attack

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