Wednesday, November 19, 2008

CNN Transcripts Index for September 11th, 2001

Terrorist Attack on United States 8:48am
Planes Crash Into WTC And Pentagon Also On Fire 9:31am
Terrorism Strikes In The United States in an Attack 9:42am
The White House Has Been Evacuated 9:52am
Timed Terrorist Attacks Against the United States 9:56am
Terrorists Attacks in Both Washington D.C. and NY 10:00am
America Under Attack 10:30am
America Under Attack 10:45am
America Under Attack 11:00am
Gen. Wesley Clark Discusses Ongoing Terrorist Situation 11:28am
White House Personnel and Officials Are Safe 12:00pm
New York State in State of Emergency 12:03pm
Secretary of State Powell's Reaction to Attack 12:07pm
How Washington Is Reacting To Terrorist Attack 12:09pm
Joint Chiefs of Staff Issue Statement Regarding Terrorist 12:11pm
Multiple Planes Crashing Around the Country, NY 12:13pm
Border Security Heightened, Airports Shut Down 12:17pm
Lt. Col. Alfred Van Cleef of Salvation Army Discusses 12:20pm
Mayor Talks Of Damage in New York City 12:26pm
Kabul Claims Osama Bin Laden Had Nothing To Do With 12:29pm
Terrorism Attack on New York City and Washington 12:35pm
America Under Attack: Members of Congress Speak 12:40pm
America Under Attack: Taliban Press Conference 12:50pm
U.S. Military On High Alert Following Terrorism 12:59pm
Ramifications of Planned Attack on the U.S. 13:03pm
Former National Security Adviser Richard Holbrooke.13:10pm
Airplanes Hit The World Trade Center 13:30pm
Witness Tells of Disaster At World Trade Center 13:33pm
Eyewitness Accounts Of Disaster in New York City 13:36pm
Eyewitness Pentagon Franken Timmerman Interview 13:46pm
Plane Goes Down in Pennsylvania Near Shanksville 13:50pm
Christopher Dodd Discusses the Terrorist Attack 13:53pm
Henry Kissinger Discusses Terrorist Attack 13:55pm
America Under Attack: Pentagon Official Holds Press 14:01pm
New York Authorities Wait for Area to be Secured 14:03pm
Terrorist Launch Successful Attacks Against Targets In 14:10pm
America Under Attack: Bush Holds Press Briefing 14:20pm
Followers of Osama Bin Laden Said They Would 14:34pm
New York's Governor NYC Address Concerns 14:35pm
Near-Simultaneous Terrorist Attacks Committed in 14:56pm
Cohen, Schultz, Baker on Today's Terrorist Act 15:00pm
America Under Attack: NYC Eyewitnesses Tell 15:18pm
Firefighters Watch Helplessly as the WTC 15:21pm
President Bush Stops at a Military Installation 15:25pm
Former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn Discusses 15:28pm
Former NATO Gen. Wesley Clark Discusses Strikes 15:31pm
America Under Attack: Key Players in Israel Respond 15:36pm
Terrorists Crash Hijacked Airliners Into WTC 15:41pm
Karen Hughes Delivers Remarks on Terrorist Attacks 15:47pm
Israeli Foreign Minister Address The Concerns 16:02pm
Amateur Video of Immediate Aftermath 16:20pm
Terrorists Crash Hijacked Airliners Into WTC 16:32pm
President Bush Addresses the Nation 16:32pm
Israeli Prime Minister, Offer Condolences 16:58pm
President Bush Will Speak to the Nation Later Tonight 17:30pm
FAA Shuts Down Airports Around the Country 17:32pm
Barbara Olson Dies in the Attack 17:36pm
What Has to Be Done to Prevent Similar Attacks? 17:39pm
Federal Emergency Management Agency 17:45pm
Eagleburger Discusses Terrorist Attacks on US 17:48pm
A Day of Terror 17:50pm
Senater Bob Graham Discuses Terrorist Attacks 18:09pm
Explosions in Kabul: Does Not Confirm Nor Deny U.S. 18:16pm
Bombs in Kabul 18:22pm
Terrorists Crash Hijacked Airliners Into WTC 18:32pm
Kabul, Afghanistan Bombed by Terrorist Attacks 19:00pm
Robert Gates Discusses Terrorist Attacks on U.S. 19:05pm
Rumsfeld Vows Pentagon will be Open Tomorrow 19:08pm
Terrorists Crash Hijacked Airliners Into WTC 19:12pm
Terrorists Crash Hijacked Airliners Into WTC 19:31pm
Cardinal Mahoney Speaks on Today's Terrorist Attack 20:40pm
Former Secretary of State Eagleburger Praises NY 20:43pm
Former FBI Agent Discusses the Attack President's 20:48pm
National Security Council to Convene 20:52pm
Larry King Live September 11th, 2001 9:00pm

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