Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Staten Island Advance 9 11 Victims Photographs

Images from The Staten Island Advance of 9/11 victims. (They said there were 247, but I downloaded 248, and I note one image is unnamed.) These are some of the highest resolution victims photographs to be found online.

Adam Arias, 37, of Dongan Hills.

Adele Sessa, 36, of Annadale.

Adriane Scibetta, 31, of Annadale.

Alan Palumbo, 42, of Richmond Town.

Alexander Steinman, 32, of Silver Lake.

Alfred J. Braca, 54, Middletown, N.J., formerly of Annadale.

Allan Tarasiewicz, 45, of Concord.

Angela Scheinberg, 46, of Todt Hill.

Anne Marie Martino-Cramer (left), 47, of Westerleigh.

Anthony Coladonato, 48, of Eltingville.

Anthony Rodriguez, 36, of Meiers Corners.

Anthony Starita, 35, of Westfield, N.J., formerly of Annadale.

Anthony Tempesta, 38, of Elizabeth, N.J., formerly of Richmond.
Arthur T. Barry, 35, of Westerleigh.

Azucena De La Torre, 50, of Bulls Head.

Barbara Etzold, 43, of Jersey City, formerly of Willowbrook.

Barbara M. Habib, 49, of New Springville.

Barbara Walsh, 59, of Huguenot.

Benjamin (Benny) Millman, 40, of New Springville.

Beverly Curry, 41, of St. George.

Brian Bilcher, 37, of South Beach.

Brian Cannizzaro, 30, of Great Kills.

Brian Nunez, 29, of Willowbrook.

Carl Bini, 44, of Bay Terrace.

Carl DiFranco, 27, of Huguenot.

Carl Molinaro, 31, of Tottenville.

Carl Peralta, 37, of Greenridge.

Carlton Bartels, 44, of St. George.

Carole Eggert, 60, of Sunnyside.

Cesar Garcia, 36, of Heartland Village.

Charles A. Jr. Mauro, 65, of Eltingville.

Charles J. Mauro, 38, of New Dorp.

Charles Kasper, 54, of West Brighton.

Charles Margiotta, 44, of Meiers Corners.

Christopher Amoroso, 29, of Huguenot.

Christopher Mozzillo, 27, of Oakwood.

Cira Marie Patti, 40, of New Springville.

Claudia Foster, 26, of Great Kills.

Clement Fumando, 59, of Mariners Harbor.

Daniel Libretti, 43, of Eltingville.

Danny Pesce, 34, of Eltingville.

Darryl A. Taylor, 52, of Stapleton.

David DeRubbio, 38, of Bensonhurst, formerly of Sunnyside.

David Ferrugio, 46, of Middletown, N.J., formerly of Great Kills.

David LaForge, 50, of Port Richmond.

Deanna Galante, 32, New Dorp.

Debra Ann DiMartino.
Denise Benedetto, 40, of Meiers Corners.
Diane Barry, 60, of South Beach.

Don DiFranco, 34, of Huguenot.

Donald A. Foreman, 53, of Tompkinsville.

Edward (Eddie) Day, 45, of Clifton.

Edward D'Atri, 38, of Bay Terrace.

Edward Oliver, 31, of Jackson, N.J., formerly of Prince's Bay.

Edward Pullis, 34, of Hazlet, N.J., formerly of Willowbrook.

Edwin Zambrana Jr., 24, of Granitville.

Eric Olsen, 41, of Eltingville.

Eugene J. Raggio, 55, of New Dorp.

Faustino Apostol, 55, of Annadale. (Associated Press photo)

Felicia Dunn-Jones, 42, of New Brighton.

Frances Ann Cilente, 27, of Eltingville.

Frances Haros, 76, of Eltingville.

Francis (Frankie) Esposito, 32, of Tottenville.

Francisco Cruz, 47, of West Brighton.

Frank J. Spinelli Jr., 44, of Short Hills, N.J., formerly of New Dorp.

Frank Thomas (FT) Aquilino, 26, of New Springville.

Gary Geidel, 44, of Tottenville.

George DiPasquale, 33, of Elm Park.

Gerard A. Barbara, 53, West Brighton. (Associated Press photo)

Glenn C. Perry, 41, of Monroe, N.Y., formerly of Eltingville and Sunnyside.

Grace Galante, 29, of Eltingville.

Greg Buck, 37, of Huguenot.

Gregg Atlas, 44, of Hoswells, N.Y., formerly of Stapleton.

Harry Taback, 56, of Prince's Bay.

Harvey Harrell, 49, of New Dorp.

Jacquelyn Aldridge-Frederick, 46, of Clifton.
James Giberson, 43, of Huguenot.

James Gray, 34, of Rosebank.

James Leahy, 39, of Westerleigh.

James P. Ladley, 41, of Colts Neck, N.J., formerly of Mariners Harbor.

Jane E. Baeszler, 43, of Randall Manor.

Jason DeFazio, 29, of Sunnyside.

Jeannine LaVerde, 36, of Meiers Corners.

Jeffrey Giordano, 45, of Tottenville.

Jeffrey Olsen, 31, of Great Kills.

Jeffrey P. Walz, 37, of Tuckahoe, N.Y., formerly of Huguenot

Jeffrey Palazzo, 33, of New Dorp.

Jeffrey Stark, 30, of Great Kills.

Jennifer Lynn Tzemis, 26, of Great Kills.

John (Jack) Connolly, 46, of Allenwood Township, N.J., formerly of New Brighton.
John A. Santore, 49, of West Brighton.

John Badagliacca, 35, of Bulls Head.

John Bergin, 39, of New Dorp.

John Chipura, 39, of Pleasant Plains.

John DiFato, 39, of Prince's Bay.

John Fischer, 46, of West Brighton.

John McAvoy, 48, of Richmond.

John P.Tierney, 27, of Bay Terrace.

John Schardt, 34, of Annadale.

John Talignani, 74, of New Dorp.

Jonathan Hohmann, 48, of Annadale.

Joseph DiPilato, 57, of Eltingville.

Joseph Farrelly, 47, of Prince's Bay.

Joseph Grzelak, 52, of Port Richmond.

Joseph Gullickson, 37, of West Brighton.

Joseph Ianelli, 28, of Hoboken, N.J., formerly of Annadale.

Joseph Maffeo, 30, of Grant City.

Joseph Mascali, 44, of Great Kills.

Joseph Ogren, 30, of Silver Lake.

Joseph Reina Jr., 32, of Eltingville.

Joseph Sacerdote, 48, of Freehold, N.J., formerly of Eltingville.

Joseph Visciano, 22, of Great Kills.

Karen Renda, 52, of New Springville.

Katherine Bantis
Kathleen A. Burns, 48, of Stapleton.

Keith Roma, 27, of Richmond.

Kenneth J. Cubas, 48, of West Brighton.

Kenneth Kumpel, 42, of Cornwall, N.Y., formerly of West Brighton.

Kenneth Van Auken, 47, of East Brunswick, N.J., formerly of Prince's Bay.

Kenneth White, 51, of Pleasant Plains.

Kristen Montanaro, 34, of Rosebank.

Laura Angilletta, 23, of South Beach.

Laura Marie Ragonese-Snik, 41, of Mount Bethel, Pa., formerly of Staten

Laurence Curia, 42, of Garden City, N.J., formerly of Prince's Bay.
Lee Ludwig, 49, of Great Kills.

Leonard Ragaglia, 36, of Westerleigh.

Lillian Caceres, 48, of Castleton Corners.

Linda Luzzicone, 33, of Annadale.

Linda Oliva, 44, of Sunnyside.

Lisa Cannava, 30, of Prince's Bay.

Lisa L. Trerotola, 36, of Hazlet, N.J., formerly of Great Kills

Lloyd D. Rosenberg, 31, of Morganville, N.J., formerly of Elm Park.

Lorraine M. Lee, 37, of Eltingville.

Louis Arena, 32, of New Springville.

Louis Caporicci, 35, of Tottenville.

Louis F. Aversano Jr., 58, of Manalapan, N.J., formerly New Springville.

Louis J. Minervino, 54, of Middletown, N.J., formerly of Rosebank.

Louis Jr. Modafferi, 45, of Great Kills.

Louis V. Fersini, of Basking Ridge, N.J., formerly of New Springville.

Margaret (Peggy) Jezycki Alario, 41, of Lighthouse Hill.

Marianne Simone, 62, of Great Kills.

Marie Lukas, 32, of New Springville.

Mario Nardone, 32, of Tottenville.

Mark Petrocelli, 29, of Great Kills.

Mark Whitford, 31, of Washingtonville, N.J., formerly of Tottenville.

Martin Egan Jr., 36, of Great Kills.

Martin Giovinazzo Jr., 34, of New Brighton.

Mary Boffa, 45, of Great Kills.

Mary Lou Langley, 53, of New Dorp.

Maurita Tam, 22, of New Springville.

Michael Beekman, 39, of South Beach.

Michael Cammarata, 22, of Huguenot.

Michael Carroll

Michael D'Auria, 25, of Great Kills.

Michael DeRienzo, 35, of Hoboken, N.J., formerly of Great Kills.
Michael D'Esposito, 31, of Morganville, N.J., formerly of Westerleigh.

Michael Esposito, 43, of Eltingville.

Michael Fiore, 46, of Randall Manor.

Michael J. Clarke, 25, of Prince's Bay.

Michael Massaroli, 38, of Eltingville.

Michael N. Fodor, 53, of Warwick, NY formerly of Westerleigh.

Michael Quilty, 42, of Castleton Corners.

Michael Stabile, 50, of Annadale.

Michele Lanza, 36, of Tottenville.

Michelle Marie Henrique, 27, of Eltingville.

Michelle Reed, 26, of New Jersey, formerly of Dongan Hills.

Milton Bustillo, 37, of Willowbrook.

Monica Goldstein, 25, of Dongan Hills.

Myrna Yaskulka, 59, of West Brighton.

Neil Dollard, of Hoboken, N.J., formerly of Dongan Hills.

Neil Leavy, 34, of New Dorp.

Nicholas P. Pietrunti, 38, of Middletown, N.J., formerly of New Brighton.

Nicholas Rossomando, 35, of Westerleigh.

no name
Olabisi Layeni Yee, 38, of Mariners Harbor.

Pablo Ortiz.
Patricia Anne Kuras, 41, of Grant City.

Patricia Puma, 33, of Great Kills.

Patrick Woods, 36, of Dongan Hills.

Paul Beyer, 37, of Tottenville.

Paul H. Keating, 38, of Manhattan, formerly of West Brighton.

Paul Pansini, 35, of Tottenville.

Paul Richard Martini, 37, of Oakwood.

Paul Simon, 54, of Huguenot.

Paul T. Mitchell, 46, of Annadale.

Paul Vincent Barbaro, 35, of Holmdel, N.J., formerly of Clove Lakes.

Peter Carroll, 42, of Castleton Corners.

Peter F. Raimondi, 46, of Annadale.

Peter Freund, 45, of Westtown, N.Y., formerly of Eltingville.

Peter J. Mulligan.

Philip Haentzler, 49, of St. George.

Philip S. Petti, 43, of Midland Beach.

Richard J. Kelly Jr., 50, of Bulls Head.

Richard Miuccio, 55, of South Beach.

Richard Myhre, 37, of New Springville.

Robert Cordice, 28. of New Springville.

Robert Curatolo, 31, of Bay Terrace.

Robert H. Lynch, 44, of Cranford, N.J., formerly of West Brighton.

Robert J. Shay Jr., 27, of Great Kills.

Robert Kennedy, 55, of Toms River, N.J., formerly of Westerleigh.

Robert Mattson, 54, of Green Pond, N.J., formerly of West Brighton.

Robert T. Lane, 28, of Sea View.

Rosemary Smith, 61, of Travis.

Ruben Correa.

Sal Fiumefreddo, 45, of Manalapan, N.J., formerly of Oakwood.

Salvatore Calabro, 38, of Eltingville.

Salvatore T. Papasso of Annadale.

Sandra J. Brace, 60, of Stapleton.
Scott Davidson, 33, of Tottenville.

Scott McGovern, 35, of Wycoff, N.J., formerly of Tottenville.

Sean Hanley, 35, of Bulls Head.

Shawn Edward Bowman Jr., 28, of Sunnyside.

Stephanie McKenna, 45, of Dongan Hills.

Stephen Harrell, 44, of Warwick, N.Y., formerly of Midland Beach.

Stephen J. Fiorelli, 43, of Aberdeen, N.J., formerly of Dongan Hills.

Stephen Lauria, 39, of Sunnyside.

Stephen P. Dimino, 48, of Basking Ridge, N.J., formerly of Eltingville.

Stephen Siller, 34, West Brighton.

Steven Hagis, 31, of Rossville.

Steven Howell, 36, of New Dorp.

Steven John Olson, 38, of Great Kills.

Steven P. Chucknick, 44, of Cliffwood Beach, N.J., formerly of Tottenville.

Susan Bochino, 36, of New Dorp.

Susan Clancy Conlon, 41, of Port Richmond.

Susan Pinto, 45, of New Springville.

Terrance Aiken, 30, of Grasmere.

Thomas Celic, 43, of New Dorp.

Thomas Cullen III, 31, of West Brighton.

Thomas Damaskinos, 33, of Matawan, N.J., formerly of New Dorp.

Thomas Hannafin, 36, of Westerleigh.

Thomas Sabella, 44, of Willowbrook.

Thomas Sgroi, 45, of New Springville.

Thomas Sparacio, 35, of West Brighton.

Thomas W. Kelly, 51, of Livingston.

Timothy McSweeney, 37, of Great Kills.

Troy Nilsen, 33, of Port Richmond.

Vassili Haramis, 56, of Richmond.

Vincent Laieta, 31, of Edison, N.J., formerly of New Dorp.

Vincent M. Litto, 52, of Eltingville.

Vito J.DeLeo, 41, of Richmond.

Walter Baran, 42, of Rosebank.

Walter Matuza, 39, of Great Kills.

Wanda I. Prince, 30, of Annadale.

William E. McGinn, 43, of Riverdale, formerly of New Dorp.

William E. Micciulli, 30, of Old Bridge, N.J., formerly of Great Kills.

William O'Keefe, 48, of Eltingville.


Anonymous said...

Faustino Apostol is a fake. He is alive and well. His real name is Kristofer E****** from Poughkeepsie NY. He was my boyfriend for 4 years.

Anonymous said...

So many people here who I was either friends with, or acquaintances of, or who I knew from living in and growing up in the same neighborhood (Pt. Richmond), or went to the same schools with, or played on the same little league baseball teams, or for rival teams, or in the same scout troop, or on the same dart league teams, or shared the same mutual friends with from all across the Island!
Even one guy who I really miss that I used to run into and chat with just about very week or so, he was also my Jr High teacher.
I miss them all every single day! They will ever be forgotten! R.I.P.!
I only hope that every filthy radical muzzy dies a horrible death and rots in hell!