Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First trade center victims ID'd by DNA alone

Compiled from Times wires
© St. Petersburg Times,
published October 25, 2001

NEW YORK -- Eight people lost in the World Trade Center attack have become the first victims of the disaster to be identified through DNA in the biggest effort in history to use genetics to put names to the dead.

Their identities were established via DNA on some personal belongings that had been supplied by their loved ones.

The number of missing stood Wednesday at 4,339. Of the 478 people whose remains have been recovered, 425 have been identified. Authorities have said that because of the intense fire and the crushing weight of the rubble, many of the victims can only be identified through DNA.

WOMAN DIES OF INJURIES: A woman who was doused in flaming jet fuel while waiting for a bus near the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 has died of her injuries, six weeks after the disaster. Jeannieann Maffeo, 40, died Monday. She had suffered severe burns all over her body.

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