Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Couple Is Found Murdered In Southampton Apartment

January 7, 1986

A young couple were found stabbed to death this morning in the bathtub of their apartment over a popular tavern here.

The couple were found fully clothed and wearing coats when the bodies were discovered shortly after 9 A.M. by an exterminator, according to the Southampton police.

The police said that the couple might have walked in on a burglary of the apartment, which was on the second floor of The Still, a tavern at 50 Montauk Highway, near Southampton College. They were identified as Thomas R. Fehmel and Winifred A. Danz, both 28 years old. Mr. Fehmel was the manager of the tavern and Miss Danz was his fiancee.

The police said they had no suspects.

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