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Most Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Israel, According to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

884 people have been murdered and 5932 have been injured in Israel as a result of Palestinian violence and terror attacks between September 2000 and October 2003, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Below are the most significant of these attacks.

Oct. 4, 2003
29-year-old female suicide bomber from Jenin explodes in a Haifa restaurant, co-owned by Israeli Arabs, two days before Yom Kippur. 19 murdered, including several children. A newborn and 4 Israeli-Arabs were among those killed. 60 injured.

Sept. 9, 2003
Twin homicide bomb attacks take place near the Zerifin Military Base and at a Jerusalem cafe. 15 murdered. Among the dead in the cafe attack were Dr. David Applebaum, head of the emergency room of a Jerusalem hospital, and his daughter Nava, a bride to be married the next day.

Aug. 19, 2003
The attack takes place in the midst of a "cease-fire" declared by Palestinian terror groups and on the eve of a planned transfer of several West Bank cities to Palestinian Authority control. A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an Orthodox Jew, strikes on a Jerusalem bus. 23 murdered, including several children. More than 100 are injured.

June 11, 2003
The attack comes a week after the "road map" peace process is launched at a summit in Aqaba, Jordan, with the leaders of Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the United States. A Palestinian suicide bomber, dressed as an Orthodox Jew, blows himself up on a bus. 17 murdered.

March 5, 2003
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes on a bus en route to Haifa University. 17 murdered, most of them teenagers. 53 injured.

Jan. 5, 2003
Two Palestinian suicide bombers strike in crowded Tel Aviv shopping district. 23 murdered, including 8 foreign nationals. More than 120 injured.

Nov. 21, 2002
A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates on a commuter bus during morning rush hour in Jerusalem. 11 murdered, many of them schoolchildren. More than 50 injured.

Oct. 22, 2002
An explosives-laden sport utility vehicle driven by a Palestinian suicide bomber rammed into a bus near Hadera in northern Israel. 14 murdered. More than 45 injured.

July 31, 2002
A Palestinian terrorist plants and detonates a bomb in a backpack in a Hebrew University cafeteria. 9 murdered, including 5 Americans. More than 80 injured.

June 18-19, 2002
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes on a rush-hour bus in Jerusalem, carrying many children on their way to school.19 murdered. 74 injured - 6 seriously.
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes at a hitchhiking post in Jerusalem's French Hill. 7 murdered. 50 injured - 3 critically.

June 5, 2002
A car packed with a large quantity of explosives struck a bus traveling from Tel-Aviv to Tiberias. 17 murdered. 38 injured.

May 8, 2002
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes at a crowded billiard hall in the Tel Aviv suburb of Rishon le-Zion. 15 murdered. 55 injured.

March 31, 2002
A Palestinian suicide bomber strikes a restaurant in Haifa frequented by both Arabs and Jews. The bombing follows suicide attacks on each of the previous two days, one at a Jerusalem supermarket and one at a café in Tel Aviv. 15 murdered. Over 40 injured.

March 27, 2002
A Palestinian suicide bomber (Hamas) strikes at Netanya's Park hotel during a Passover seder.
29 murdered, mostly senior citizens. 140 injured - 20 seriously.

March 9, 2002
Palestinian terrorists bomb Jerusalem's popular Moment Café, around the corner from the prime minister's residence. 11 murdered.

March 2-3, 2002 -
Attacks occur during talk of a Saudi Arabian peace initiative. A suicide bomber blows himself up in a crowd of mothers and children walking home from synagogue after the Sabbath in an ultra-orthodox Jerusalem neighborhood. 9 murdered, including 6 children, and an entire family is wiped out.
A Palestinian sniper shoots an Israeli policeman riding on a motorcycle. 1 murdered.
A Palestinian sniper attacks at a West Bank checkpoint. 10 murdered, including 7 soldiers.
Palestinian attack in Gaza. 1 murdered. 4 injured.

Dec. 2, 2001
Palestinian terrorists attack three times in 24 hours - at a pedestrian mall in downtown Jerusalem, in a car in downtown Jerusalem and on a Haifa bus. 25 murdered. Over 200 injured.

Oct. 17, 2001
Palestinian gunmen assassinate Israel's tourism minister, Rehavam Ze'evi, in a Jerusalem hotel.

Aug. 9, 2001
A Palestinian suicide bomber attacks the Sbarro pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem at lunchtime.
15 murdered - including several children and nearly an entire family. 130 injured.

June 1, 2001 - The attack comes days after Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced a unilateral Israeli cease-fire. A Palestinian suicide bomber attacks a Tel Aviv beach side disco filled with teenaged immigrants from the former Soviet Union. 21 murdered. More than 100 injured.

May 9, 2001
Ya'acov (Kobi) Mandell (14) and Yossi Ish-Ran (14) were stoned to death by Palestinians while hiking near their home of Tekoa, south of Jerusalem. Feb. 14, 2001
A Palestinian bus driver mows down a group of Israelis at a bus stop near Tel Aviv. 8 murdered.

October 12, 2000
Two Israeli reservists, Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche, took a wrong turn on the highway and were stopped by Arafat's Palestinian Authority policemen. A Palestinian policeman and other Palestinians later lynched and murdered the two Israelis.

Information and often photos of each of the 841 victims of Palestinian violence and terrorist attacks in Israel can be found on the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web Site. Lisa Katz

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