Thursday, July 23, 2009

Joshua Birnbaum: DJ Samsson

This one is easy. The 'DJ Samson' was a little too obvious [note to self: no references to cult of suicide.] . It would have been too sad for a 24-year old, four months out of college, to have made the cut and got the job, but then again, why were they staffing the bond desk? They were letting 800 people go from that department, weren't they?

The sister's in on it, if only subliminally: "I have but 1 regret...I will never get the chance to see Josh grow old." Yes, that's why we regret people we love dying Jillian, but "he was a hero, and he will be revered forever" is way, way over the top, Jilly Bean Birnbaum. Gewt down from the cross---we need the wood!

Happy birthday Gemini!

Joshua Birnbaum

Date of Birth: June 17, 1977
Position: Asst Bond Trader

Joshua's love for his mom, dad and sister, Jill, who was also his best friend, can best be understood when on Sept. 11 Joshua's first thoughts were to call his family to let them know that he loved them. It was his goodbye message that forever will be etched into their minds and hearts.

He was an extremely intelligent young man who graduated Columbia University in May of 2001 and started working for Cantor Fitzgerald 5 days after graduation. He was most proud that he got the job on his own and was just one of three people out of a group of 75 applicants who were offered the position on the bond trading desk.

Joshua's passion was music. He created a nonprofit event production company called Steps Back to Life and gave himself the moniker DJ Samsson. His dad's name is Sam and he respected and looked up to him so much he wanted to honor him. He spun underground club music and produced a CD.

While attending Columbia University, Josh DJ'd for Barnard's radio station, WBAR and arranged for a Thanksgiving benefit for the homeless collecting money and canned food. It was a big success. He later interned for Atlantic Records for a semester.

Josh loved the New York Yankees, playing golf, training for the San Diego Marathon in January and making people laugh.

He will forever be missed and loved by all he touched and is an inspiration to all who knew him.

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