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Timothy's Scrapebook

From one of Timothy Leary's Scrapbooks, Maintained at

Timothy Leary's Death Mask, in a Tiffany-Blue Box

I believe Leary tore this double page so as to create a backwards-facing Vagina Portal, to enhance its message, and carry the meaning across the decades to us. 

August 11, 1979, San Francisco Chronicle, page 4, Tenderloin Sex Pit Full of Human Garbage; Broken, Rotting. Stained, Empty, Unmentionable Lower Intestine.

The FBI, which suffered the worst day of violence in its 71-year history Thursday, yesterday pressed the largest manhunt ever in Ohio (Isn't that pronounced 'Iowa?') for the fugitive accused of killing one of the three slain agents.

White Nights

Klan Marches Past a Tragic Milestone

A ragtag band of Ku Klux Klansmen marching to Montgomery for "white rights," crossed the spot yesterday where civil rights worker Viola Liuzzi was shot and killed by Klan nightriders 14 years ago.

White Rights

Dan White - Dan Right - Dan Rather

Milestone - Manhunt -

FBI Presses Huge Manhunt in Ohio

They were called the tenderloins because they were the richest precincts for cops to rake in the graft.

The suspect, Melvin Bay Guyon, 19, eluded capture in the shooting death of special agent Johnnie L. Oliver by jumping through a window and fleeing on a stolen bicycle.

Oliver, 35, married and the father of three children, was the first agent assigned to Cleveland to be killed in the line of duty.

I might have imagined that Cleveland was one of those cities that were run as tight ships

The other two FBI agents killed Thursday were shot to death in their El Centro office by a former social worker who then put a pistol in his mouth and committed suicide.

James Maloney, 30, -- who killed agents Charles W. Elmore, 34, and J. Robert Porter, 44, was apparently bent on suicide. He left...

Authorities said federal agents and police numbering about 150 were systematically checking more than 200 leads in Oliver's death, with the search focusing on the east side ghetto.

Authorities said Oliver was shot through the heart when..he....and....o, agents attempted...

My condolences to the families' of the agents who were lost---but, I mean...come on!---Let's also hear it for the perp too!  This guy must have been pedaling! It's like he's a liminal precursor to both our O.J. Simpson and Rodney King cases--then he gets a first-ever credit, like high school in Little Rock.

. They've moved on past giving out a charge for the young man's being in custody in the first place, so it's likely to be lightweight enough to add a further element of embarrasment to the open window and bicycle details---kind of like the Secret Service's resorting to prostitutes when guarding the President abroad

With an emphasis on Clean Air and Sun Shine.

Cover Your Lion In Photos

 This Page Was Torn To Resemble a Vagina Portel

August 11, 1979, San Francisco Chronicle, page 3, Cult Inquiry Hears a Key Witness,

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