Thursday, October 10, 2013

Los Angeles Dodgers Win the 1981 World Series

October 29, 1981, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, page B1, Los Angeles Dodgers Win the 1981 World Series

L.A.'s on top of the world!

A very nice thing for the psychonaut Timothy Leary--who usually went "out of this world," when tuning in, turning on, and dropping out--to have preserved for posterity, and it is turning me on as an individual right now. But it is in its collective mood of joy that it is a tonic to my recent immersion in the city-wide mood of late 1970's San Francisco.

And whether winning or losing, this is the field where the real racial integration and reconciliation was taking place in America, while the most segregated hour to gather in our pluralistic society being---as Dr. Martin Luther King memorably put it---eleven o'clock, Sunday mornings.

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