Thursday, September 17, 2009

ABC Sept. 11 Video

3:28pm Ann Compton from Nebraska

ABC 3:32pm "anonymous law enforcement officials confirm it was American Airlines Flight 77 from Dulles that crashed into the Pentagon"

3:34pm Injury Update 48 patients in hospital

3:36 George Stephanopoulos "the TWA Flight 800 bombing"

3:41 Peter Jennings "we learned a short while ago that United Airlines jet that was carrying 45 people, which crashed near Johnstown PA today, was, at least according to one US Congressman, James Muran, democrat from Virginia, who had had a Marine Corp briefing in Washington, he believes that that aircraft was intended originally, intending, by its highjackers, to go to Camp David, the presidential retreatr in the mountains of Maryland. And the crash site turns out to be about 85 miles northwest of Camp David."

3:42pm Peter Jennings "they have enough blood for now except for people with type O and RH negative blood, because they have a shortage of those"

3:43pm John Miller
"still trying to collate the number of people that they removed to so many different hospitals in two states, and now, because our burn centers here in New York, of which there are only three, have been overwhelmed---even in Canada."

3:45pm Bill Blakmore "after their first partial defeat this morning"

"triage in Manhattan Community College"

"when the north tower collapsed, parts of the top of it fell over all the way over here to the river"

"They are not letting the media get anywhere near the actual base of the teo towers themselves."

3:46pm Peter Jennings "Don Dahler did manage to get close to the base of the building, at one point earlier. Don are you there?"

3:46pm Don Dahler "Yes Peter, I'm here. I'm just back to about four blocks away. I was, I escorted a federal agent through the, ah, up to the side of the World Trade Center itself. And I can tell you it, it's probably the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my life. There is total devestation, but beyond that there,um, there's no non-gruesome way to describe this, but there were bodies and body parts on top of some buildings next to where the World Trade Center stood---in the streets. There is still a number of fires going on in buildings surrounding it, including [sound edit.] There is a, the Marriott building appears to be on fire. There is a building directly behind the federal office building, I can't identify which building it is, but it is a taller building, the police and the fireman are getting away from that area. They are afraid that building will collapse as well. There have been a couple of building collapses or portions of them collapsing from the flames. So there are some buidings they are just letting burn, to collapse, because it is too dangerous for them to fight it right now.

Clair Shipman 3:55pm

"At this moment, what has happened in terms of the Secret Service, is that their plan has gone into effect for this sort of emergency---the first time, we are told, that a plan like this has been implemented and in, in recent history. What it means is that they have all of their protectees accounted for. They are satisfied with that now. Now are told they are at Level 2, where they are assessing the threat , and they will then decide things, for example, as to whether Colin Powell can go back and safely work at the State Department and whether the President can come back to Washington. In the meantime, as you probably know, there has been a state of emergency declaired in the city of Washington, and in the state of Virginia, allowing both of those places to be able to mobilize military and police forces as needed, Peter."

John Miller 3:57pm
"This is something interesting in the laundry list of things that Karen Hughes, Counsoler to the President, said in the briefing we just looked at, which is, one is that airspace will remain shut down under government control until noon tomorrow, and that the movements of ships around the coasts will be regulated by the government. That suggests, I mean, we're talking about not a few hours, we're talking about half-way into the next day. That suggests that there is a real feeling in the intellegence community, and in Washington, that this may not be over, they don't want to let go of the assets like air traffic that they think could unleash even more attacks."

Peter Jennings: "I wonder John if there is a real feeling in the intellegence community that it may not be over or, God, we didn't know any of this was going on, maybe there is we don't have the vaguest idea what's going on."

John Miller: "Precisely, and it seems to be an abundence of caution, um, and some degree of fear."

Betsy Stark, business reporter for ABC

"ten percent of the office space in lower Manhattan is accounted for in those twin towers, 155 busineses, 50,000 workers...Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, has 50 floors in Tower One, 12-and-a-half percent of the space in that tower occupied by Morgan Stanley...Port Authority nine percent of the space there..."

Local D.C. coverage breaks in at 4pm
Kathleen Mattews and Maureen Bunyan

"We interupt ABC News with this local, 4 o'clock news update, as you take a live look at the Pentagon, six hours after what law enforcement sources say was a Boeing 757 American Airlines flight that crashed into this symbol of U.S. military might..."

"You're looking, sorry Kathleen, that was a scene from earlier today, nearly an hour ago, recue people were, rescue personel were still trying to get people out of the building, flames were still coming out, and, um, we understand that this has gone to a three-alarm blaze, and that fire officials from all over the Washington region have been called in to help fight the blaze. There are people still inside, ah, and, rescue attempts are still being made to get some of those people out.

"Now patients have been taken to hospitals throughout the area, not only has there been tremendous building carnage, but human costs as well, and we want to bring you up to date on where some of those folks have been taken. First of all, Virginia Hospital Center is reporting 30 injured from the Pentagon, Washington Hospital Center, five critical injuries, George Washington Hospital, two are now in the emergency room, and Alexandria Inova Hospital reports that they have recieved five patients in fair condition [graphic says nine in fair condition,] one in critical, one in good. And again, as Maureen said, these numbers continue to mount as the afternoon progresses."

"We also have some more information from ah, Parris Glendenning in Maryland. the govenour said the head of the state police in Maryland got a list of eleven sites across the country that were apparent targets of these terrorism attacks. Two of those sites were in Maryland, the Baltimore World Trade Center and the state capital in Annapolus, of course those sites have not been hit, but we're just sharing that information with you. Also Congressman James Moran in, ah, Virginia, says he recieved information today that that plane that crashed in Pennsylvania---here is some video of that, site---may have been heading for the presidential retreat at Camp David. Apparently, Mr. Moran says, that apparently, this hijacked plane went down in western Pennsylvania, it was meant to crash at Camp David, which of course is the presidential retreat."

"Now to understand the magnitude of this you have to imagine something like the Oklahoma City bombing, where you had a major federal building, such as the Pentagon, combined with a 757 airplane crash. That conveys the magnitude of what we are confronting here in the nation's capital. We'll continue to break in at about 4:30 we'll be back with more news and meanwhile we'll want to join ABC News in progress..." [4:03pm]

Peter Jennings: "the Greyhound Bus Service cancelled all of its service in the northeast. Amtrak, the railroad, temporarily suspended train service all along the northeast corridor, between Boston and Washington, and the U.S. section of the Saint Lawrence seaway, which is between northern New York state for the most part and Ontario, between the U.S. and Canadian borders there, has been closed. The tunnels between Detroit and Windsor on the Canadian side of the Detroit river, closed to car traffic, and security just went bang, up several levels at all U.S./Canadian border crossings, in large measure because there has been penetration across the U.S./Canadian border before, um, one of the ones they caught, when an alert agent several times picked up a guy when he thought to bomb the Seattle Space Needle. Turns out he was really interested in setting off a bomb inside Los Angeles International Airport. The space shuttle operations were halted today. 12,000 employees of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida were actually sent home. the navel weapons station in Goose Creek South Carolina workers were evacuated and sent there. Again, evacuations and people being sent home from the very heart of the military establishment. Betsy Stark has just told us that all U.S. financial markets were closed. The United Nations building was evacuated, here in New York City. General Motors, General Motors in Detroit gave all 6,000 workers who work in the Rennaisence Centers, one of those centers built to try and rejuvinate downtown Detroit, were all told to go home today, and the Ford Motor Company closed its world headquarters in Dearborn, in Michigan. The IRS in various places closed. The popular skyscrapers were closed and/or evacuated in all, in cities all across the country. I think you've already heard us say, if you've been with us, New York's primary election was cancelled here in New York, and Govenor Pataki said they'll simply rechedule it when they get another handle on normal life, in the days ahead. And tourist attractions, the best of tourist attractions, Nottsberry Farm in California, the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles and the Library Tower in Los Angeles, the Liberty Bell in Indepence Hall, the Space Needle, Disney World---they all closed down today. What, what better way, even though it's just a list of things---it is a list of things---to understanding, both at home and overseas. Embassies overseas were evacuated, embassies were closed. Tony Blair, the British prime minister, forbid aircraft from flying around London. So these two attacks on the trade towers, the one on the Pentagon, and the possibility of an attack on Camp David we now believe, in the aircraft that crashed not far from Johnstown, in Pennsylvania, all just pssst in this extraordinary impact all over the world because people feared something else was going to happen, and may still appear something else is going to happen. Listen, just listen, to some of what happened today."

"I saw something hit the second tower, and when I saw that, everthing went rumbled, and I saw all this fire shoot out in the sky, and stuff started falling, like it was raining. I was by myself, and I just ran. I started seeing people just, [breaks down] they started jumping out of the windows, like the 96th floor, one at a time, from different sides of the building, I just started seeing people drop, and drop, and drop."

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