Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Karen Hughes: Counselor to the President. Press Conference at the FBI Headquarters, 3:48pm September 11th, 2001

Boy, I really want to to be the one who gets to strangle Karen Hughes with my bare hands. What a complete freaktoid.

I just wanted to put a searchable transcript of her remarks into the public record, since that's not the sort of thing the mainstream media cares about. Nothing of great importance here. She lies when she says the Secret Service immediately protected the President, and that's actionable of course. She timestamps the continuity of government operation protocols, and the high-level communications underway, which may be at variance with the 9/11 Report---if anyone cares to check it out.

Here is a nice page with a broadband stream of the day's coverage on ABC, switching back and forth between the local D.C. coverage and Peter Jennings in New York.

Check out at the 19:35 point in the 41:41 minute clip, which was televised from 3:28 pm to 4:09 pm EDT, how poor Peter Jennings is somehow misled---then a cut to a stupid non-briefing by Torrie at the Citgo as a dramatic frame-up, as though the tape of Karen Hughes already speaking wasn't running through every producer's monitor. I shall have to see if other networks deliver a few more of her first, preceding words. All artificial and manipulated "news" television trickery.
3:47pm Peter Jennings "Thanks very much Don. We're going to go to a briefing on behalf of the political wing of the president's...I'm sorry..."
Cut away to live video at the Citgo at the pentagon of Torrie Clark, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, otherwise know as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's PR flack.

"Just, have a very brief statement and I want Chief Jester to talk about the search and rescue efforts underway. No surprise, we have very, very few details. We'll tell you what we can at this stage, but we have very few details. Um, this is a terrible day. It is a tragic day for America. Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and their families, and the casualties. We're taking every appropriate step and precaution to prevent further attacks. We're making every effort to take care of the injured still in the building and we're taking every appropriate measure to determine who is responsible. The Secretary of Defense...
3:48pm Cut to Karen Hughes/ Counselor to the President. Press conference underway at the FBI Headquarters
"...and at President Bush direction, we are implementing it. We began to implement it immediately after the first attack in New York this morning. We contacted American forces and embassies throughout the world, and placed them on high alert. The United States Secret Service immediately secured the President, the Vice-President, and the Speaker of the House, and they are all safe. They have also secured members of the national security team, the President's cabinet, and senior staff.

"As you know, President Bush was in Sarasota Florida when the first attack occurred this morning. Air Force One has now landed at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha Nebraska, and the President is in a secure location. He is in continuous communication with the Vice-President, and key members of his cabinet and national security team. Vice President Cheney, and our national security adviser Condolezza Rice are in a secure facility at the White House. I have just come from there. The Secretary of Transportation and other members of our White House senior staff are gathered at a command center there and we are coordinating with other branches of our federal government.

"The Secretary of Defense remains at the Pentagon and the Secretary of State is in route back to Washington from his trip to South America. President Bush is conducting a meeting of the National Security Council as we speak. [3:50pm] They are meeting President Bush from his location and other members from different locations in Washington, and other locations.

"As many of you have been reporting, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered all airports closed, and all planes which were in the air were directed to land at the nearest airport. International flights were diverted to alternate locations outside of the United States. Transportation Secretary Minetta has directed the Federal Aviation Administration to suspend operations until at least noon tomorrow, so no airline flights will operate until at least then, and until the FAA announces that operations will be resumed. Secretary Minetta has also issued orders controlling the movement of all vessels in United States navigatable [sic] waters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency has activated eight Urban Search and Rescues Task Forces in New York, and four of these highly trained teams are at work here in Washington at the Pentagon.

"Every federal agency has implemented continuity of operations plans to make sure the government continues to function effectively. [3:51pm] While the markets closed today because of the situation in Manhattan, the United States financial system has continued to operate. Banks have been opened all day; the Federal Reserve has operated regularly and continuously. The Department of Health and Human Services has mobilized medical personal and supplies to provide help to local authorities who are working so diligently to respond and to help the victims of these terrible attacks.

"President Bush has committed the full resources of our intelligence and law enforcement communities to identify and bring to swift justice those responsible for these despicable attacks. The Department of Justice is setting up a hot line for families who fear that their relatives may have been victims of one of these attacks and we will be announcing that telephone number shortly.

"Our fellow citizens and our freedom came under attack today and no one should doubt America's resolve. President Bush and all our country's leaders thank the many Americans who are helping with rescue and relief efforts. We ask our fellow Americans for your prayers for the victims, for the families, for the rescue workers, and for our country. Thank you all very much and we will continue to update you as information is available and confirmed."
Karen Hughes, with Alberto Gonzales and President Bush, returning to the Oval Office on the evening of September 11th, 2001.

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