Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holocaust Museum Tourist David Unrue of Wichita Kansas, Hears Five or Six Gun Shots

By far the most credible earwitness interview, not the least because we known a name and hometown of a tourist. Mr. Unurh sounds like he's trying hard to remember his military discipline---he's successful too. Interesting, that he sees nothing, even though he is as close as they come---within a little cutout in the wall, 30 feet from the door.
"We were in line for a one-o'clock entrance into the museum, and we heard a report, sounded like something had dropped on the hard floor or something---it was loud. Wasn't sure what it was, but then it was followed by four or five other reports, that were, I thought, probably gunshot. At that time people started yelling, "hit the floor, hit the floor."
The reporter even conducts a real interview with an exchange:
"We were on the main floor so we got out pretty rapidly."

"How many shots did you hear?"

"I would say at least five and maybe six, I, frankly don't remember exactly."

"And how far away from where you were standing with your family?"

"We were probably just, I don't know exactly, probably 30 feet from the entrance. The incidence happened right up by the entrance and the gift-shop area."

Introduced as just "David," Mr. Unurh also gives a four-minute interview to Fox News over the telephone, but the pair of "LiveDesk" news anchors never ask him how many shots he heard fired, even though, when he was introduced, he was asked, "David tell us what you saw," he answered, "well frankly, what I, my experience was mainly hearing what happened." At least a FOX chyron spells his name for us---I hope correctly.

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