Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fox News Reporter Says People Heard From One to Six Gun Shots

Fox News reporter Steve Somebody gets a credible interview, although, I must say, Kimberly sounds rather skeptical, and Tyler rehearsed.

"I have another couple here, a mother and son from Chicago, Kimberly and Tyler Frank. Kimberly, tell me, where were you at the time, inside the museum exhibits?"

"We were inside, we were on the first floor, we're just actually completing our rounds, and he went into the museum gift shop, where I heard the five pops, not ever thinking that it was gunshots whatsoever, and after a two-hour tour, I was still thinking about everything I just took in so I didn't think much of it until he came out and kind of rushed me out of the building, I think we were like the last ones to really get out. After that it seemed like nobody else came out, and then all the excitement started, you know, to fill up the streets."

"Tyler, what did you see?"

"I didn't really see anything, but after I got out of the gift shop I heard five sharp noises and just faint screaming in the background."

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