Monday, October 27, 2008

Go to to see the lost page of Mr., Mrs, or Miss K. McSorley, either a photographer or an image arggregator/organizer, whose work must have been so troublingly good it had to be hidden behind a robots.txt like device. The template shows places for 46 images, but only 4 thumbnails appear, none of which open. One of them is this image:

I happen to know the following is also a kmcsorley image:

Both of them are "photos of interest," to adapt a police phrase. Whatever became of these images? Is there anybody out there who could help a poor researcher out when he asks a direct question? I'd love to see these images in as high a resolution as can be provided.

Why did these images only appear on the web from February 11th, 2004 to February 4rth, 2005?

OK. I'll pay cash. You know how to reach me.

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