Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvey L. Pittman

Harvey L. Pittman

"[T]he Commission for the first time invoked its emergency powers under Securities Exchange Act Section 12(k) and, on Friday September 14, issued several orders and an interpretive release to ease certain regulatory restrictions temporarily."

Bush S.E.C. Pick Is Seen as Friend to Corporations - New York Times

RUMSFELD ON 9/11: In his private dining room to U.S. Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif minutes before the attack.

"He said, 'Let me tell ya, I've been around the block a few times. There will be another event.' And he repeated it for emphasis," Cox said. "And within minutes of saying that, his words proved tragically prophetic."
CJ Online (free registration to see article).

After this, Rumsfeld went out onto the Pentagon lawn to make an appearance (Article text and photo). How did he predict the third attack? Why did he feel safe to go out? What is the Secretary of Defense doing taking chances with our national security by risking his life outside while we're under attack? What if there had been a fourth attack (there was a fourth plane)? What if he'd been killed? Or did he know the attacks were over? Following is a second version of the story where he even suggested the attack might be on the Pentagon.

"Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense, was in his office on the eastern side of the building, in a meeting with Christopher Cox, the defence policy committee chairman of the House of Representatives. Mr Rumsfeld, recalls Mr Cox, watched the TV coverage from New York and said: 'Believe me, this isn't over yet. There's going to be another attack, and it could be us.'

Moments later, the plane hit. Mr Rumsfeld ran to the point of impact and helped load the wounded on to stretchers before retreating to the secure National Military Command Centre, beneath the building. There, he refused entreaties to evacuate even as the Centre filled with smoke." (Source).

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