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2. Survivors - Condition and Travel; Newspaper Clippings Vol.1 -

Newspaper Clippings Vol. I
Bulky 881-176

89-4286 Section 165 Newspaper Clippings Vol.1 - The Vault - FBI
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Ryan Shooting I

1. Ryan- Funeral and Background
2. Survivors -Condition and Travel
3. Witness Accounts

Survivors-Condition and Travel

November 20, 1978, San Francisco Examiner, A fearful Ryan aide wrote her will before trip to Guyana, by Tom Eastham,
November 20, 1978, San Francisco Chronicle, Ambush Survivor; NBC soundman Steven Sung,
November 20, 1978 Los Angeles Times, Survivor--NBC soundman Stephen Sung,
November 20, 1978 Los Angeles Times, 5 Who Survived Ambush in Guyana in Stable Condition,
November 21, 1978, Los Angeles Times, Survivors Recover in Puerto Rico Hospital,

November 21 1978, Los Angeles Times, Ambush Survivors Flown to Safety; U.S. Opens Probe,
November 21, 1978, The Oakland Tribune, Eight Jonestown survivors return,
November 21, 1978, San Francisco Examiner, 8 Guyana Survivors Return to S.F., by Stephen Hall,

November 22 1978, San Francisco Chronicle, Reporter Has Bullet Removed,
November 23, 1978, San Francisco Examiner, Injured Ryan aide recalls 'a complete nightmare',
November 24, 1978, San Francisco Examiner, Wounded Speier free of gangrene, by Tom Eastham,
November 30, 1978, San Juan Star / UPI, page 18, Condition of man shot in Guyana improves,

Survivors -- Condition and Travel

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