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Suppressed NY Post Articles

'Missing' Fire Safety Officer From 9/11 Hiding in Plain Sight - May 21, 2004
A World Trade Center fire safety officer the 9/11 commission couldn't find but who could shed light on why a crucial FDNY radio channel appeared to fail is hiding in plain sight. "I live right here and I go to work every morning," said Lloyd Thompson, 48, outside his apartment in a large complex in Yonkers yesterday. (New York Post)

'Missing' Radio Worker Will Testify for 9/11 Commission - May 25, 2004
The World Trade Center official accused of failing to answer letters asking him to testify at the 9/11 commission hearings says he'll meet with commission members today. Lloyd Thompson, deputy fire safety director at 1 World Trade Center, insists he never got the panel's invitations. (New York Post )

9/11 Commission Unable to Locate NYC Communication Worker 'Hiding In Plain Sight' - May 24, 2004, by Al Guart, New York Post Editorial Staff,

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"9/11 Commission Unable to Locate NYC Communication Worker 'Hiding In Plain Sight' Editorial Staff," -

9/11 Commission Questions Fire Chief on Radio Use During Attacks - May 16, 2004
Questions about the radio system used by the Fire Department during the World Trade Center terror attacks are being raised anew by the 9/11 commission, which has grilled a hero FDNY chief whose brother died when the buildings crumbled. (New York Post)

Fire Union Head Wants to Testify At 9/11 Commission - May 13, 2004
The city's top fire union officials have asked to testify at 9/11 commission hearings next week, but the commission says the hearings are "reserved for people in authority." (New York Post )

New York Firefighter Arrested On Federal Sex Charges
KATI CORNELL SMITH, Editorial Staff - Courtesy of The New York Post
Posted: Tue, 05/18/2004 - 12:00am
RYAN HOGAN - Solicited teen sex: feds.
A rookie firefighter accused of scouring the Internet in search of sex with teenaged girls was arrested on federal charges after a cyber-vigilante group allegedly snared him in a sting operation. Ryan Hogan, 24, is accused of trying to rendezvous with a 14-year-old sex partner over the Internet

New York City's Battle Of The Badges Still Hot
Editorial Staff - WNBC, Posted: Sat, 05/22/2004 - 12:00am
Mayor Michael Bloomberg's new plan for deciding who is in charge at emergencies has not cooled down the battle of the badges

NYPD/FDNY Terror Protocol; Giuliani: Only One in Charge,
Editoral Staff Posted: Fri, 05/07/2004 - 12:00am
With a federal Sept. 11 hearing scheduled here in just two weeks, the Police and Fire departments are likely to work out a long-delayed protocol on how they handle major emergencies, several sources said.

NYPD on Alert for Truck Bombers - May 21, 2004
Cops will begin checking trucks entering the Big Apple and other major cities today after the FBI received information that terrorists may use truck bombs to attack high-profile targets like the Empire State Building, The Post has learned. NYPD and Port Authority cops will check trucks entering the city via bridges and tunnels, sources said. They will also check trucks already in the city if they look suspicious. (New York Post )

Kelly, Bloomberg Question 9/11 Commission's Judgment - May 24, 2004
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly took a parting shot at the 9/11 commission, labeling comments by panel member and former Navy Secretary John Lehman as "ludicrous" during a TV interview aired Sunday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, speaking at Sunday's Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Avenue, questioned the panel's right to pass judgment on New York officials. (Newsday)

Nation Marks Sept. 11 With Acts of Volunteerism - ABC News

"We love you, Dad, and we miss you," said Philip Hayes Jr., whose father, long retired from the Fire Department, rushed to the site that 2001 morning and ...
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