Monday, April 12, 2010

Louis Robert Coatney's The Katyn Massacre:

A dozen interesting looking news articles about the Katyn massacre, found on a bibliography on a research page, part of the wonderfully compelling contribution of Louis Robert Coatney---his thesis on the topic is superb. However, I can't get much response on the internets hasn't. Suppressed? I'd say so.

"Just wanted to save them here and say hi.

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William Echikson, "Katyn: The `Blank Space' Soviet Leader Did Not Fill," Christian Science Monitor, 12 July 1988,

"Purging Stalin: Revisionists Are out to Bump up the Number of Stalin's Victims" Alexander Cockburn Recounts the Millions," New Statesman & Society, 3 March 1989,

Louis R. Coatney, "Sunday, April 24th: A Day to Remember Katyn," Juneau Empire, 21 April 1988

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Katyn Photographs Found in U.S. Archives." Times (London), 18 July 1989,

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