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"Louis Nevaer" economist and author,

Salon | Media Circus Castro may be politically prehistoric, but he understands the importance of shaping one's own image in the celebrity culture. Rather than Kitty Kelley, Castro chose Louis Nevaer, an economist and Pacific News Service contributor, to tell his story. Nevaer, whose previous books include "New Business Opportunities in Latin America" and "The Management of Corporate Business Units," is connected to Castro through a family pharmaceutical business in Mexico, which does business with Cuba.

Dreaming of Mexico in Tehran, with an Eye to the West - NAM Louis Nevaer is a New York-based author and economist. He was invited by the Islamic Republic to assist in strengthening ties between Iran and the Spanish-speaking world. His forthcoming book, HR and the New Hispanic Workforce, will be published by Davis-Black in late 2006. He can be reached at

Reviews Louis E. V. Nevaer is an authority on NAFTA and the Hispanic consumer market. He has written nine other books including New Business Opportunities in Mexico (Quorum Books, 1995), and New Business Opportunities in Latin America (Quorum Books, 1996). As a consultant for top management in international finance, he enriches this study with many anecdotes and tidbits of information only a true insider and practitioner can bring. He also has extensive knowledge of all Central and Latin American countries and of the complex ties that bind the nations of what Americans call the “southern hemisphere.

BK Communiqué Author Lists Blog: January 2010 Louis Nevaer has written more nonfiction books and articles about Hispanic and Latino culture and business than any other living author. Including ' Strategies for Business in Mexico: Free Trade and the Emergence of North America, Inc.' (Praeger, 1995) lists Nevaer as author, or co-author, of thirty books and journals.

Louis Nevaer, author of Protest Graffiti: Oaxaca (New York: Mark Batty, 2009),

Two very important articles from 2004, picked up by many liberal media sources:
Hired Guns in Iraq May Have War Crimes Pasts - NAM Mercenaries | The Shalom Center The Coalition Provisional Authority: Due to its "outsourcing" of privatized security services, the CPA has put terrorists, mercenaries and war criminals on the payrolls of companies contracted by the Pentagon. And, Here Come the Death Squad Veterans, By Louis Nevaer
Pacific News Service, As violent attacks continue in Iraq, corporate America is turning to Latin America to "outsource" protection services to veterans of the region's 'dirty wars'.

WORLD MEMORIAL Museum Last Seen at WTC™ Missing Person Flyers, flowers, and personal effects were deposited in makeshift memorials all over the world. WORLD MEMORIAL applauds curator Louis Nevaer for protected these historical artifacts. UPI photographer Chris Corder and captures the heartbreak at and Bellevue Hospital and NYU. Currently on tour (check for Event dates). Collection generously on loan from Bronston Jones and Louis Nevaer (e-mail) of Mesoamerica Foundation

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