Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doug Brisson and Glenn Snodgrass

Brisson, Doug and Glenn Snodgrass

Brisson, Doug and Glenn Snodgrass

Two new names added to my list of 114 photographers whose work at the Pentagon is established in the record. This is a red-letter day indeed!

4676 Doug Brisson and Glenn Snodgrass

This picture itself is a endearing, hoary old chestnut long known to me, with its firetruck's little melted backside manfully squirting its stream upward. Service personnel are clumped according to uniform and status. We even can see the silly triage lady who had duck tape wrapped around her short sleeve shirt chatting with the runner in shorts and a red tee shirt---the one with the absolutely humongous arms. What, does he dead lift 450 people at once?

The way the fire truck is situated, it appears to be sitting right in the middle of the doorway between the two trees, although one of them is already down in the Hillery Smith Garrison image that has all the fire coming out the windows. So, go figure.

I've never seen the image attributed to these two names before, and how an image can be attributed to two people at once is a neat trick, but I'm not going to argue. I'll do a brief due diligence on Google but that's it. I have so many loose ends around here I think I could go crazy.

Brisson, Doug and Glenn Snodgrass

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