Sunday, December 14, 2008

Even the Crosbie AP Archive is Incomplete?

Adding more warp and weft to the confusing tapestry that is the Associated Press breaking news wire related to terrorism from September 11th, is this report.

The female co-anchor of the local Washington D.C. affiliate of FOX News, at 7:59pm EDT, says,

“You know, in an odd twist here, I’m going to read this from the Associated Press, it’s just now coming into our studios, Bryant, I should say, Bryant, is, stepped away…State Police out of Baltimore are telling us they have arrested a Baltimore man who confessed to falsely reporting information about possible targets in Maryland for today’s terrorist attacks. Police spokesperson Greg Shipley says that the 23-year-old man was arrested shortly after 7pm tonight in his Baltimore home. He says the suspect will be charged with filing a false report, ah, that shifted a crime investigation, so I’m sure we’ll be learning more about that, but ah, that’s an odd twist to this.”

The Associated Press breaking news wire as maintained by Thomas Crosbie Media ends at 6:58pm EDT, an hour before this report is timestamped. Why does the seemingly comprehensive Crosbie archive abort the day's reports at this time? Isn't it likely that other AP reports were issued relating to the War on Terrorism between 7pm and midnight on the 11th? How about word of Bush's speech at 9pm for those who lacked access to television?

This is a very interesting news item, with the highest grade of credibility by dint of its named police source. I don't recall word of this rumor-monger ever being repeated again though. Google reports nothing. Next up, the Secret Service should be investigated for their deplorable rumor-mongering.

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